Cursillo Movement of the Diocese of Venice Florida
Cool things to check out that are happening within the Diocese of Venice. Keep Christ in your schedule!
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Consider the following Activities:

In the past, the Cursillo Movement was primarily thought of as a source of individual spiritual growth. Today, we must realize that this individual spirituality is just not enough. Today, we must add to that spirituality. Our society needs us to be apostolic. Our Church needs us to be apostolic. Our world needs us to be apostolic. But most of all, our Lord wants us to be apostolic.  Let us strive to be Christ-like. He chose individuals to become "fishers of men." Should we do any less? The Men's Weekend is on October 16-19 2014 and the Women's Weekend is on October 23-26 2014.
Sept 18
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Oct 16-19
candidates at 6:15

Oct 23-26
candidates at 6:15

Nov 8
10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Men's Faith and Ale
(at Resurrection, Fort Myers)
Fort Myers, Florida

Men's Cursillo Weekend
(at OLPH Retreat Center, Venice)

Women's Cursillo Weekend
(at OLPH Retreat Center, Venice)

Cursillo Weekend 4th Day
(at St Katharine Drexel, Cape)
Annual Cursillo Day of Prayer
Our Pilgrimage With Mary

The Day of Prayer 2014 was a very spiritual day with us Cursillistas. Father Schiep provided a talk to help us get closer to our Blessed Mother Mary. Thank you Father Schiep and thank you to the complete Venice Cursillo Ultreya Team!!!
People in attendance during the Day of Prayer 2014