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Preparing to be a Sponsor
Talk to God about the person before you talk to the person about God.
Most of us come home from an amazing Cursillo, full of enthusiasm, believing everyone we know should make a Cursillo!  What next, we ask?  If a new Cursillista, it's important to balance our enthusiasm with the wisdom and experience of a co-sponsor.  
Sponsorship is not just for the duration of the Cursillo Weekend.  When you sponsor, you are making a commitment to shepherd a candidate.  It's just as important to prepare yourself as it is to prepare your candidate.  Start with prayer.
God calls people to Cursillo; we are His messengers. The criteria from the "Sponsor Boolet" page 15 states: Your candidate is capable of making a difference in their environment (home, workplace etc), interiorly motivated and socially responsible and natural leaders.  Also mentioned on page 17 is that the candidate is eligible for the Sacraments, decision makng independence and able to join a group reunion.   Potential candidates should be mature adults and in good health. Our guide line is between the ages of 21 and 75 years of age.  These ages are a guideline only. Each candidate is considered individually. Most importantly they must believe in God and in His Son, Jesus, because Cursillo is not a conversion experience. Potential candidates do not need to attend church regularly, but it helps if they are open to the idea.  They should be aware that Cursillo is a Sacramental Weekend.  Ask God for guidance and discernment in identifying potential candidates. A list of names is a great idea. Discuss their possibility with your groupies.
Consider what's going on in the lives of potential candidates. Have they experienced the death of a loved one, a divorce, a medical crisis or a period of intense stress within the past year?  These situations should be worked through before attending a Cursillo Weekend. Save these names for a later time.  What type of family support will a candidate need to be able to attend?  Are you able to provide that support?  It could be as simple as house sitting, baby-sitting, caring for pet etc.
When considering a couple for Cursillo, it's customary for the man to attend first.  Cursillo can be a life-changing experience; its impact on the sacrament of marriage should be carefully considered.  Cursillo can strengthen a marriage when both partners attend and this is recommended.  Only one of the spouses attending without the other can have an impact on the marriage because one will grow to a different level with Christ and the excitement of this Cursillo experience would not be shared with the other.   Be wary of sponsoring someone you do not know. If you are not acquainted with your candidate's spouse see if there is another Cursillista that does know them and could serve as their sponsor or co-sponsor with you. Otherwise, take the time to make a friend, be a friend and bring that friend to Christ as their sponsor. Invite the couple to coffee and discuss their beliefs. 
Keep praying!  Ask God for the opportunity to speak with a potential candidate and to open their heart to the possibility of attending Cursillo.  Always speak to your Pastor or your candidate's Pastor about their attending a Cursillo before speaking to the candidate. They seem to know things about individuals that you may not know and something that may be an obstacle to them attending a Cursillo. Enlist the help of your brothers and sisters in Christ.  There may be someone better acquainted with the potential candidate who can mention and recommend Cursillo.  Personal contacts are usually best-the telephone is the least effective way to introducing the topic of Cursillo.  Expect that it's going to take some time and repeated exposure to the idea before a person accepts your invitation.  Always go easy; do not nag.  Remember you invite and the Holy Spirit is the one that gets them there.
Get to know your potential candidate; make a friend, be a friend and bring that friend to Christ.  During casual conversation ask if they have ever heard of Cursillo, and give a brief description of its purpose. You may even want to start with the Cursillo flyer and that might be enough for a first exposure to the idea.  Let their response determine your course of action.  Be willing to wait if they need time to think about it. DO NOT PRESSURE them.  Engage in future conversations when you don't even mention Cursillo so that the person doesn't feel Nagged.
KEEP PRAYING!  When you do extend the invitation (after speaking to your or their pastor), don't attempt to control the response. If you receive a "no", respect it. Whatever the outcome, relax. You've done your part by planting the seed.  Remember God is in Control and His timing is best!


"Make a friend, Be a friend and bring that friend to Christ"

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